MITICA ORANGE DELIGHTS: These enticing valencia orange slices from Spain are hand dipped in dark chocolate.

SWEET VIDALIA ONION & PILOTA DIP: this wonderful dip made with sweet Vidalia Onion & Pilota cheese can be used on grilled burgers, as a 'sauce' on a flat bread pizza or simply enjoyed on crackers or toast points.

OLYMPIC PROVISIONS SALAMI: made here in the US with a focused commitment to 'old world & style' for amazing quality.

CORMIER'S GOLD COOKING SAUCES: wheat & gluten free sauces that can be used to marinate, roast or as a dipping sauce. Flavors include: Garlic & Ginger, Double Garlic, Orange, Cracked Black Pepper and Garlic & Jalapeño .

ASS OVER TEAKETTLE BLOODY MARY MIX, KETCHUP, COCKTAIL SAUCE & BBQ SAUCE: Whether you are looking for hand crafted batches of this incredible bloody mix or wanting to try locally made ketchup, cocktail sauce or BBQ sauce (which  are made right over in Cornville, Maine) you'll find it all here at Uncorked! What better way to start your weekend?

FABBRI AMARENA CHERRIES: made in Italy using an old family recipe. You'll never eat a maraschino cherry again!

MITICA SABA: Made in Italy, this is thick, syripy sauce that will forever replace your balsamic glaze in any recipe. You can even use this on ice cream. Saba is made by reducing the must from grape juice (which typically becomes wine).

PERDRO XIMENEZ SHERRY VINEGAR: this amazing vinegar is so delicious, you may be tempted to drink it with a spoon or better yet mis it with Saba and the Esporao EVOO for amazing salad dressing!

ESPORAO EVOO: made in Portugal, this EVOO has exceptional quality. This level of quality translates in to an oil that showcases just how scrumptious EVOO can be. Well worth your attention. Come by to sample it along with the PX Sherry Vinegar & Saba!

NORTHWOODS GOURMET GIRL: made in Greenville, Maine. Simple yet wonderfully made items which include: Blonde Caramel Sauce w/sea salt & vanilla & Sweet & Spicy Toasted Walnuts. 

CRACKERS: Elki Water Crackers  & Petit Toasts along with Effie's Oatcakes



KOPKE White Port Cocktails:

KOPKE White Port

Tonic Water

Fresh Lime Wedge

Haagan Dazs Zesty Lemon Sorbet


In a glass filled with ice, add equal parts tonic water & KOPKE White Port along with a fresh lime wedge. Now add a a 'melon ball amount' of Haagan Dazs Zesty Lemon Sorbet and stir to beak up sorbet.


Cheese & other goodies





TRES LECHES: this is a semi-hard cheese with a white bloomy rind made in Portugal from three milks: cow, sheep & goat. You'll find this cheese to be savory, creamy with just a hint of nuttyness & a soft mushroomy flavor.

SHROPSHIRE BLUE: made from pasteurized cow's milk in Britain. It is a full flavored unpressed cheese with remarkable blue veining throughout its orange color which comes from the use of annato, a natural food coloring which imparts no flavor. Intense yet distinctively different from other blue cheeses.

PALHAIS CHEESE BUTTONS: gorgeous & soft with a silky mouthfeel, these little 'buttons' of fresh goat Chevre come to us from Portugal. Fresh with a pleasant tang without being overpowering. Lovely all by itself and incredible with some honey or fig spread

YORK COUNTY RESERVE CHEDDAR: this British cheddar has all of the sharp tang any 'New Englander' could ask for but with a gorgeous  full flavor we don't often find. Made from 100% grass fed cow's milk & aged to perfection.

ROMAO: an artisanal sheep's milk cheese from Spain is rubbed with Iberico lard & fresh rosemary, then aged in it's own cellar for 8mo. This is quite like Manchego with the rosemary added. Full-bodied, perfect with any wine but especially reds, the nutty essence is enhanced by the rosemary and yet not overpowered by it


STILTON WITH MANGO & GINGER: this dessert cheese from Britain  will remind you of eating cheesecake from the very first nibble. Made from cow's milk using the same white creamy base used for traditional blue Stilton but with generous chunks of mango & ginger spread throughout the cheese.

RACLETTE: this particular Raclette comes from the French Alps and is a gorgeous cheese for melting. The name comes fromt he French verb "racier", meaning "to scrape". Semi-soft & made of cow's milk this little cheese packs a punch with a deep, fruity & pungent qualities. Melt it over fresh steamed veggies, roasted potato or what have you?!


PILOTA: a blend of pasteurized cow & sheep's milk combine to create a wonderfully gentle yet complex semi-hard cheese from France with subtle hints of sizzling butter and a nuttiness that keeps people coming back for more. This is Uncorked's #1 selling cheese! 


COTSWOLD WITH ONION & CHIVE: this is a Double Gloucester cheese from Britain and is often referred to as 'pub cheese'. Cotswold is a region in  Southwestern England where the cow's milk comes from to make this cheese. The yellow to orange color comes from a natural food-coloring called annatto... This flavorful cheese is amazingly creamy, and yet not overpowering.


PARM: this Parm is a hard  cow's milk cheese from Italy. Just as you would expect, nutty, salty & perfect to cook with or just eat alone.


FOURME au MOELLEUX: what happens when you make a loose curd blue cheese & soak it in sweet Vouvray (French white wine made from Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley)? Yes, Fourme au Moelleux. Any harsh blue cheese flavor is tempered by the melting creaminess of the paste, salty edginess & sweet floral tones. Certainly can be considered a dessert cheese but the overall blueness of this cheese shows though making it wonderful all day long, on burgers, salads or alone to be nibbled on.


BUCHERON CHEVRE: this French goat's milk cheese is a truly unique experience with a two texture 'magic' that every slice has to offer. A fat, sometime inch  thick creamline forms beneath the downy, edible white rind. Where the smooth creamy rim ends, a fresh fluffy & somewhat lemony chevre resides.


MAHON: hails from Spain where cow's milk cheeses are less common than goat's milk cheese. Mahon is one of the few cow's milk cheeses made. Basically this is an aged gouda but just a bit smoother & creamier but still offering those 'flavor crystals' that everyone is looking for. Orange in color with a hand-rubbed rind, so it is 100% edible.

RED DRAGON: this Welsh soft cheddar is packed full of mustard seeds and plenty of ale was blended in during the production. Packing a whole lot of flavor, perfect for beer lovers & anyone who enjoys a super flavorful cheese.


TOLEDO: this is a terrific cheese made from a combination of cow, sheep & goat's milk. It is quite hard with a rind rubbed with spices and EVOO. This time, the spices adding a rustic appearance, a slightly peppery edge and just enough heat, all working together to add to  the complexity of this cheese from Portugal.


DUNBARTON BLUE: this blue cheese will win almost anyone over with its complexity and not overpowering blue flavors. It is hand crafted in Wisconsin by a cheddar-making family. It is a very young cheddar that has to be pierced to allow oxygen to spur the growth of the mold. Since the cheese is pressed the mold cannot spread without help. This blue cheese has an earthiness unlike other versions. It is meaty, mushroomy flavors are heavy but the exquisite balance of this cheese keeps it in check.


CASATICA d'BUFALA: this is a soft-ripened water buffalo milk cheese from Italy. Water Buffalo milk is considered to be the sweetest of all milks so this cheese is a perfect example of cheese other than traditional mozzarella to be made. This is milky, tangy, buttery with a gorgeously round finish. The texture is soft, but not too gooey or runny. Perfect with a baguette, some sliced apples and a bottle of Gavi.


RED  HAWK: made by the Cowgirl Creamery in California, this organic  cow's milk cheese was a bit of an accident. It is a washed rind, triple crème cheese - not a combination often seen. It is aged for 4 weeks and washed in a brine solution that tints the rind (which is edible). Full-bodied with just the right amount of 'funk' in both smell & flavor. This is a winner any way you slice it!!  If Red hawk is out of stock ask for Mt. Tam, a triple creme cheese also made by Cowgirl Creamery.


BRILLAT SAVARIN:  this is a decadent triple cremé cheese from France that may drive you a bit mad. The texture is of fresh creamery butter but the palate is a salty robust cheese which delivers everything you'd want and expect from this cow's milk beauty.

CHEBRIN: this lovely sheep & goat's milk blended cheese is a 2-3month aged tomme from France. You'll find it to be nutty, somewhat sweet and herbal with a firm texture. Made by the same producers as the Pilota.

d'AFFINOIS: a French double-cream soft cheese made from cow's milk. Looks like a brie but is actually much creamier. The mild, buttery flavor is enhanced by subtle hints of wildflowers & lavender. This gorgeous cheese may remind you of a triple-creme, so loaded it is with silky fat. Amazing to serve with champagne & fresh fruit!

Le GRUYERE, 2YR CAVE AGED: born in Switzerland (the region of Gruyere) in 1115. Made of cow's milk & truly a 'Swiss' cheese - definitely not that at all like that cheese we call 'Swiss' here in the US. A fairly hard cheese full of nutty character with a pleasant saltyness. Because this is aged, it has developed a mature flavor profile & full body.